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Hi, I'm Shehnaaz!
I'm probably like you: facing everyday challenges that family life brings. As a mum of two, a worrier (often 'too sensitive'), busy business woman, with an overwhelming sense of responsibility to meet everyone's needs and serve them well, I've had to find ways through that I'm passionate about sharing with you.

I use doTerra essential oils every day! Lemon in my water, Eucalyptus in my shower, Wild orange and Peppermint for focus, Lavender to wind down and get ready for sleep, to name a few. 

I offer free wellness consults to busy mums LIKE YOU (?) so they too can discover natural solutions for them and their families. 

Wellness events and groups that I run, are designed to help us mums to connect and support one another. 

I've looked for and found people - mainly women - who have become a 'web of support' for everyday wellbeing. And I've found ways to proactively build my resilience and take 'radical responsibility' for the choices I make each day. 

This is what I look forward to sharing with you.

So if you are finding it hard to stay positive, feeling overwhelmed and stressed, wishing you had 'me time' and keen to discover ways to look after you and your family, naturally, then welcome!  
Take this journey! Whatever you need help with, Shehnaaz is someone you will be very grateful to have in your life! I honestly feel so blessed to have this lady and all she brings in her being. A very special person.

~ Lucie ~
The challenges I faced were predominantly from managing the chronic symptoms of Fibromyalgia & also managing anxiety for myself & my child. 
If you have even a small interest in a holistic approach, I would highly recommend a conversation with Shehnaaz.  You will find yourself immersed in a whole different way of managing ailments.
Shehnaaz approaches you like she would her own family, with genuine love, care & having your best interest at heart.  She has a naturally calming personality ... you end up feeling like spending time with her & everything she has to tell you, is good for your soul.
~ Sarah ~
Shehnaaz’s approach is that she is just absolutely lovely... she is 100% approachable and willing to give up her own personal time to educate and share the love of DoTerra oils. It’s literally like catching a bug! You get together with this lady and you immediately can share the love! It’s pretty amazing actually, her persona and attitude is absorbing.
~ Rebecca ~